For nearly 25 years, Perfect Curve Inc. has been designing innovative products for sale at some of the largest (and smallest) retailers around the world.  The Lick Lick Pad dog distraction device is just the newest to our distinguished list.

US Retailers:

Please email us at info@licklickpad.com and we will send you a new account form.  Once you return the form it will be reviewed to ensure you meet our retailer requirements.  If approved, we will contact you about establishing an account and creating an opening order. 

US Retailer Requirements:

  • Lick Lick Pad does not allow 3rd party selling on Amazon
  • Lick Lick Pad will strictly enforce MAP pricing ($14.99)
  • US retailers are not allowed to send product outside of the United States
  • Minimum first order quantity is one case (12 units). 
Thank you.